Posey School of Dance’s Policies for Reopening

Please read through these policies to familiarize yourself and your dancers with our new procedures. We ask that parents have a conversation with their dancer prior to returning to the studio regarding physical distancing, wearing a mask, and dancing only within their area as directed by a teacher.

We have installed Hospital grade filters in all rooms of the dance studio for your child’s safety.

  • Before entering the studio, all students must have a newly signed waiver submitted to Posey by dropping in our mailbox at 57 Main Street.
  • All waiting areas are closed. Parents and siblings who are not taking class must remain outside the building either in cars or physically distanced at 6ft or more outside the building if waiting near the studio. Parents of children ages 3-5 for classes (not rehearsals) only may come inside to watch class.
  • Parents must conduct their own health assessment prior to arriving at Posey School. This includes taking temperature and discussing if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Dancers may not enter the studio if they are experiencing any symptoms or have been exposed to COVID – 19.
  • Upon entering the studio each student will be screened. Temperatures will be taken. Those with a temperature above 99.9 will not be permitted to enter the studio.
  • Dancers will not be permitted to enter until the class before them has been excused. Timely arrival and departure are a must. Studio doors will be locked once class begins. If you are late and we only have one staff member working, you will have to miss that day of camp unless prior arrangements have been made. Please stay in your cars or outside in a physically distanced manner until a teacher invited you inside by name. Doors will open 10 minutes prior to camp starting.
  • Dancers need to arrive at the studio dressed and ready to participate. Changing is discouraged. Please wear dance attire you plan to stay in all day. You may wear ballet tights over leotard to change into shorts for non-ballet classes.
  • Dance Shoes should be placed in a disposable bag and will be put on as the dancer enters the studio. Bags should be as small as possible and they will be kept in your dancer’s workspace. They must be large enough however to fit both dance shoes and street shoes inside their bag. Please dispose of the bag after each class and replace with a new bag.
  • Personal Water bottles are necessary for all students. Refilling water bottles in the sink will not be permitted. Please pack enough water for your dancer’s appropriate class load.
  • Do not bring any “extra” Items to class with you. Dancers are permitted to bring the following:

    Disposable bag just large enough for dance/street shoes

    Dance attire (on your body already)

    Dance Shoes appropriate to the style you will need for that day only

    Clearly labeled water bottle

    Personal hand sanitizer

    Cell Phones are permitted in a clear Ziplock bag and set to silent before entering the studio.


***WE ask that masks or face shields are always worn by all staff and students at Posey School. Students may lower their masks to drink water or for brief periods of relief while physically distanced. Students are to alert a staff member immediately if they are experiencing shortness of breath or dizziness, a parent may be contacted to pick up the child if this occurs.

  • All persons will attempt to remain physical distancing of at least 6 feet whenever possible.
  • Dancers will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building in view of a staff member. Please bring a personal sized hand sanitizer to use.
  • Barres will be sanitized after each use by students.
  • Upon entering the studio students will need to remain in the designated area upon entry to complete the following.

    A. Health Screening and Attendance

    B. Use of Hand Sanitizer

    C. Changing of Shoes (Please wear slip-on/slip off shoes)

    D. Assignment of color for the day. Each dancer will have a color-coded square for their dancing space and their personal belongings and to hang out.


  • A parent needs to be in full view in case of any issue during the check in process.
  • In Class students will be assigned a dance space which is clearly noted by tape on the floor. A color-coded matching box will be assigned to each dancer for their personal belongings ad to hang out and eat in.
  • Upon pickup parents must make themselves visible for pickup while maintaining physical distancing guidelines. Students will be sent down one by one.
  • Parents should arrive on time for pickup.
  • Students will be released one at a time to change their shoes in the designated area; then directed toward their parents. Students will need to wait in their designated dance space until they are called by name to leave by their teacher.
  • There will be no lost and found. Items left behind will be discarded.
  • There will be no use of fans.
  • We will be using band app for parents to check in on students as a “Front desk”.