2024-2025 School Year

Summer Adult Classes Registration

June 20, 2024 – August 22, 2024



Join our Adult Jazz Dance Class, where movement meets music in an energetic and fun-filled atmosphere. This class is designed for dancers of all levels, from beginners to those with previous dance experience, looking to explore the vibrant world of jazz dance.

Tuesdays 6 pm – 7 pm with Jessica Ochoa

June 18, June 25

July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30

August 6, August 13, August 20

“Ultimate Dance Beats” 

Get ready to groove in our Club Beats Adult Dance Class! This high-energy session combines the latest dance moves and old school moves with the hottest club music and the hottest music from back in the day, creating a fun and dynamic workout. Perfect for all levels, you’ll learn routines inspired by popular club dance styles while boosting your fitness and confidence on the dance floor. Join us and feel the beat!

Thursdays 6 pm – 7 pm with Jessica Ochoa

June 20

July 11, July 18, July 25

August 8, August 15, August 22

Adult Ballet
Experience the grace and strength of ballet in our Adult Ballet Class. Perfect for all levels, this class focuses on classical ballet techniques, enhancing flexibility, balance, and core strength. Enjoy a supportive and inspiring environment as you refine your movements, improve posture, and express yourself through the beauty of ballet. Join us and dance with elegance!

Adult Ballet Monday and Wednesdays 10 am – 11:15 am with Kim Araki 

June 17 and June 19

June 24 and June 26

July 1 and July 3

July 8 and July 10

July 22 and July 24

July 29 and July 31

August 5 and August 7

Adult Ballet Monday and Wednesdays 8:15 pm – 9:30 pm with Kim Araki 

July 15 and July 17

August 12 and August 14

August 19 and August 21

Adult Ballet Thursdays 7 pm – 8 pm with Kim Araki

June 20 – August 22

Adult Ballet Fridays 10 am – 11 am with Christina VanOphmert

June 21, June 28

July 26

August 2

*$200 for 10 classes or $25 per class